Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peeling Ginger

Did you know you could peel ginger with a spoon?  I didn't either!  I've wasted so much ginger by trying to peel it with either a knife or vegetable peeler.  By using a spoon, you scrape the paper covering away, without wasting any of that delicious ginger. You can even get around those bumpy knobs that you may have cut off before.

Ginger is wonderfully delicious and a very healthy part of your diet. You can use it in tea, in breads, cookies, as well as in the traditional stir-fry.  Raw ginger is an excellent tonic for upset stomachs, ginger tea helps with migraines, lowers cholesterol, and inhibits the formation of blood clots.  I try to have ginger on hand most of the time.


  1. Try keeping the knob of fresh ginger in the freezer, wrapped in tin foil. Simply grate the ginger when adding to your recipe. No need to peel. Compliments of Michael Smith, Chef at Home

  2. Thank you for that tip! I've often wondered how I could keep fresh ginger around longer. I adore lemon/ginger tea, and this will help me to indulge a little bit more often! Thank you Kennedy.