Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Salads as Main Dishes

I'm a huge, HUGE fan both of eating a salad as a main dish...and of Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman Cooks...If you haven't been to her site, or read her new cookbook from cover to cover, you really need to!

Here's a link to that wonderful section of her site called Salads as Main Dishes.

We all need to eat more salads and more veggies, and this is as tasty a way of doing it as I can think.  I'll certainly be posting more recipes for Salads as Main Dishes myself, but I figured you could get a jump start on these four delicious recipes!

Please visit Ree's site.  Her recipes are packed absolutely full of step by step instructions and photographs of every step.  I think she's an up and coming photographer.  Maybe that'll be her next book.

Let me know your favorite Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe.



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