Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn in Northern Michigan

Autumn always makes me look back on my life, and see how it shaped me into who I am today, because our path is responsible for where we end up.

This video is very short, but pulls at the heartstrings. Autumn in Northern Michigan.

Red leaves of autumn, returning nutrients to the earth.
 I used to live in this beautiful area of Northern Michigan when I was in school, before college, when time, for me, was something different than it is now.
Nothing as as beautiful as sunlight filtering through autumn leaves.
 I remember those days with great nostalgia and a hint of sadness. Life was slower and easier then.
Autumn leaves tinge the air with a sugary sweetness.
 I think that autumn does that to us...makes us remember, times, places, and people of our past...
Autumn in its absolute magnificence.
 We do think about times past, and I wonder if that might not be why nature puts on such a beautiful color show for us, to help us lighten our hearts and raise our spirits.
Colored ivy on buildings brings to mind my time at college.

Autumn in the mountains brings me back to my young childhood, and my life as an adult when I returned to the mountains.

Autumn colors take many forms.

And many shapes, far away or up close, they never fail to amaze.

Where is your path taking you?

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